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Chase the Music web re-launch

We’re re-launching, to help you better experience Chase the Music, and to help us keep it current. The old structure was prohibitively difficult to add new content to. As we were constantly producing new pieces for really special kids, this was horrible! We couldn’t put new things on, without getting ourselves further stuck.

It was a big decision, and we’re working hard to get everything re-ported, and then catching up with all of the extraordinary performances that we’ve done. You’ll be able to better experience and engage with Chase the Music.

Listen, watch, read.  Experience the pieces and the stories of the children. The beauty of a Chase the Music gift is that it can be shared. When that happens the pieces meaning and love grows.

Be part of a Chase the Music. Become a producer, a donor, a musician, a composer, a volunteer. We would love the help, and more importantly, you can be part of something wonderful, the creation and performance of wonderful music for some incredible children battling some of the worst of what life can throw at them. Let’s help them Chase the Music!

We’re proud of what we’ve done, and want to better share with you, so you can Chase the Music too!