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EmmaMarie inspired by RespiteCare Kiddos

Performing artist Emma Marie, her sister Mia, mom – Cindy and I visited Respite Care in Fort Collins Colorado yesterday to build energy and inspiration for EmmaMarie’s new composition “Happy” which will be premiered later this month.

Respite Care cares for kids that require 7×24 one on one care.  The children (who are referred to as the ‘kiddos’) have a variety of conditions. We are reminded – “They are kids first”! There’s no discussion of any childs ailment. We’re simply invited to go in and play with the children. There are three groups – based on age – the pebbles, the littlest ones, the stones – middle sized, and the big kids – the boulders. All of them love the attention and EmmaMarie and Mia are great at engaging with the kids and getting them to open up.

EmmaMarieStoneCup (17 of 35)
EmmaMarie autographing with “Let’s Chase the Music”.

The big question EmmaMarie asked the children was “What makes you happy?” The responses from the kids were heartfelt and thoughtful.  The list filled 2 sides of a sheet of paper (and kept Cindy busy trying to keep up with the recording job). They ranged from bugs, cars, playing, angrybirds, friends and sisters.

There were nearly 50 kids that she met and spoke with over the two hours we were there. I’m not sure who was happier, the kids or us?

Did I mention that EmmaMarie just turned 12? She’s already performed at major events such as FOCOMX, The Greeley Stampede, and Cheyenne Frontier Days. Crowds have exceeded 10,000 – I can’t imagine.

RespiteWildernessCampHighlands2016 (163 of 174)
JJ hitting every note at wilderness camp.

We’re really looking forward to the upcoming show and end of summer BBQ with EmmaMarie and the RespiteCare kiddos. The world premiere of “Happy” is eagerly anticipated by all. EmmaMarie has lots of material to work with from our visit. Student JJ is rumored to be tuning up to get behind that microphone too! This will be a private performance (sorry), but EmmaMarie will be playing later this at New West Fest in Fort Collins and at the Mishawaka in Belleview.