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Healing grief with music

I recently met by with Phil, Lucia and Ari of the Efrem Foundation, a non-profit out of New Jersey. They provide services to aid youth, struggling with severe grief caused by the loss of a loved one. They know that when our youth are in a crisis, they don’t have the same coping skills that adults do. It can be debilitating to a youth – trying to resolve the loss of a loved one.

Efrem provides music and equine programs to youth to help them through the difficult times of grieving. They are expanding their reach by developing a course for educators and counselors to help with the unique situations of childhood grief.

One of their programs is “Rock to Remember – The Sound of Healing“. This program provides children with opportunities through music to learn techniques on how to manage their emotions, and thus build resilience, and help them to feel empowered and confident. Critical skills for a grieving child.


One of their blogs was particularly moving: From School of Hard Knocks to School of Rock. Author and guest blogger Aidan Dlugacz, whose grandfather passed on when Aidan was only 10, suffered from severe depression. In the blog article – he summarizes the impact that music made for him, through the Efrem program:

“Everything changed about me in such a positive way, from the music I listened to, the clothes I wore, and my confidence with my peers and teachers at school. I felt like an unstoppable force.”

We appreciate the work Efrem does. They and Chase the Music have a common belief in helping youth through music. We both appreciate the power that music has in healing mind and soul.