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Chase the Music into Spring 2017


The Chase the Music into Spring 2017 performance was a collaboration between Colorado State University Music Therapy Department, the CSU Music Therapy Student Associationn, the CSU Rotaract Club and Chase the Music. Performed in the spring of 2017, it involved 9 original pieces, performed by 9 different performing groups, for 9 very special children.   The pieces were:

Elena’s Song

For Elena, who dances with Disney

Megan Miller                          Percussion, vocals Allison Waltman                     Percussion, vocals Christine Nyquist                   Piano, vocals

Sometimes You’ve Just Got to Dance

For Lucia, the little Lu-bird

Susan Bockhoff                       Guitar, vocals George Bockoff                       Guitar Ryan Smith                             Percussion

So Much to Say

For Madyson, who can do anything

Janene Harper                       Guitar, vocals Allison Smith                          Piano, vocals

Back to the Water

For Lily, an angel

Ryan Smith                             Piano, vocals Pam Potzer                             Guitar, vocals


For Vivienne, so joyful

Annie Shoephoerster            Piano, vocals Julia Siegl                                Guitar, vocals  


For Brady, the superhero who doesn’t need a cape

Mylie Payne                            Piano, vocals Anastasia Wheeler                Guitar, vocals

I Don’t Have to Run Away

For Carter, who wants everyone to know they are loved

Bolin Liu                                 Piano Jordan Brudos-Nockels       Percussion, vocals Anne Marie Hester               Flute ♫ Carter ♫                              Tubano drum

Ryan’s Song

For Ryan, see me roar

Sarah Hallgrimson                 Piano, vocals Anne Marie Hester                 Guitar, vocals Ahna Chevalier                        Marimba, vocals Jonathan Chevalier                 Tone Chimes Tiffany Chevalier                    Tone Chimes Zac Chevalier                          Push bells ♫ Ryan ♫                                 Push bells


For Jamin, the warrior

Molly Taylor                            Piano, vocals
  ♫  – the child performed in their own piece!  

Special thanks to:

All of our composers and musicians, who poured their hearts into this event Dr. Andrew Knight, assistant professor, CSU Music Therapy Our event hosts: Alexandra, Acacia, Chiara, Colleen, Eryn, Katherine, Lisa,  Killian, McKenzie, Nathan, Nicole and Rob Catering by Tracy Hodge Our facility host: Colorado State University – University Center for the Arts Event Photographer Chiara Garland FC Public Media, and Chris Winslow for videography All of our families that aided with the compositions, and take care of these special kiddos every day.