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Destinee – Little Baby Jesus

I first met Destinee at the Colorado Wheelchair Camp. They had called her to the front to receive an award. Destinee was taking longer than most to come forward. Imagine a gym floor full of kids in wheelchairs, all wanting to be close to their friends at the end of their week-long camp. As Destinee came to the front, I noted that not only was she in a chair, but she was using a white cane to navigate. Right away, I knew this young lady needed a song.

Talking to her, she was a rock fan. I knew what we needed, and it was going to be a great rock-and-roll piece for this young lady.

She’s got a vast group of friends and the first thing she wanted to know was if all of her friends would be able to enjoy her song too. (Of course, the answer was yes!).

We picked the Mishawaka, a legendary spot for music. One of the oldest restaurants/bars in the Colorado mountains, located next to the beautiful Poudre River. The setting was perfect for a multisensory event. This historic venue would provide the smells of the pine forest and sounds of the river that would intensify the experience that we wanted for Destinee.

Destinee doesn’t let her situation get her down. She’s an employee at Children’s Hospital where she coordinates blood drives, providing invaluable blood for other children. Destinee knows how to pay it forward. Destinee Chases the Music!