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Betting On Me

Mitchel was a happy 12 year old when he started to be bullied. After two years, the bullying became so severe that he could no longer cope, and tried to take his own life.

The failed suicide attempt cut off oxygen to his brain resulting in irreparable damage.

When we approached the family about doing a piece, the decision was made to do something private. A performance in their home to be able to enjoy the gift with just those closest to Mitchel – his immediate family, and his closest friend.

The event for Mitchel was a pizza party, with Tim performing a selection of his own, and cover tunes. It culminated in the premiere of “Betting on Me”.

At the event, Mitchel was happy and enjoying being with those closest to him. As we were packing & cleaning up, Mitchel’s dad – Randy, his dad came up, with tears in his eyes. He said, “You’ll never know how important this was to our family.”

It’s thoughts like that, that make us want to always Chase the Music!

The singer songwriter for this piece was Tim Smisek. A young man with a big presence. He’s a Minneapolis boy, where family is really important.

Tim made several visits to Mitchel, to get to know him before writing his piece. There were problems in his own life, but he knew that this was an important task – to give Mitchel a gift. Something deep felt and personal that Mitchel and his family would have forever.

Visit Tim’s website at https://www.timsmisek.com/.