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Carlitos – little man, with a huge heart, fighting cancer

Carlitos is eight years old and has been battling cancer since he was three. He lives with his mom, little brother, and big sister. He was born in Mexico and has lived in Colorado, USA for the past five years. His extended family is in Juarez Chihuahua, Mexico.


An original composition and
world premiere performance

For a little boy battling cancer

A musical gift to provide him

Hope, Strength, Love and Joy.

Carlitos –
Battling cancer, loving life

Some of Carlitos’ favorite things

The graphic above illustrates just a few things that Carlitos loves in life. (By the way – Pato, duck in Spanish, is his pet guinea pig.)

Carlitos wants to be doctor when he grows up, so that he can help others.

Gaby, his mom, tells us that when you tell your story you can leave a good life message. She is grateful for this project, because

music is the best therapy. 

Chase the Music in collaboration with Cellists for Change are commissioning an original piece of music to support Carlitos and his family with Hope, Strength, Love and Joy. The world premiere of his piece is scheduled for May, 2022.

Chase the Music is a non-profit whose mission is to give children battling critical conditions: Hope, Strength, Love, and Joy through the power of music.

Original music – composed and performed just for them.

We are excited to bring together composer Kari Clifton, performers from Cellists for Change, the Junkyard Social Club and ELPASO for the world premiere of a song written and performed just for Carlitos. 

Composer –
Kari Clifton

Cellist Kari Clifton resides, performs, and teaches in the Denver-metro area. She is actively involved in a number of musical projects and collaborations in multiple genres including classical, jazz, rock, pop, indie, alternative, folk, as well as new works by 21st century composers. As a classically trained musician with a love for all musical styles, Kari aims to bridge the gap between classical music and just about everything else. She performs regularly at weddings, events, and churches in the Denver area and enjoys teaching cello as well as beginning-level violin and piano. Kari holds a Bachelor of Music in Cello Performance from Metropolitan State University of Denver.

Kari Clifton - Composer / Cellist

“How cool is it that we can be moved by music
and be connected without words.”

Performers –
Cellists for Change

for Change!

Cellists for Change is a nonprofit organization that empowers youth through music by nurturing self-expression, cultivating belonging, and developing individual and collective agency.

Venue –
Junkyard Social Club

JUNKYARD Social Club is a new kind of play place. 

“It’s gritty and it’s punk rock, but it’s also for kids.” – an adult

“I call it way cooler than a playground.” – a kid


Partnership –

ELPASO, Engaged Latino Parents Advancing Student Outcomes, is a Latino parent movement designed to close the achievement gap. ELPASO helps families prepare their children to enter kindergarten ready to learn and to support families throughout their school years.


How can I help?

You can be instrumental in bringing the healing power of music to Carlitos. We would like to invite you to share in creating this musical gift by becoming a supporter, donor or sponsor.


Donate to offset costs

Your generous donation goes to paying for the expenses incurred in creating and delivering this world premiere piece of music.


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