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Are you anonymous?

Every once in a while a donation comes in without a name. We know that some people like to prefer to remain anonymous in their charitable giving. We appreciate and respect their gifts and their wishes.

Sometimes a gift arrives without a name, and without an explicit statement of anonymity. With these we wonder, “Did they mean to be anonymous, or was their information inadvertently not passed on to us”.

These gifts come from a variety of third parties. Brokerage firms, community foundations, donor advised funds and employee giving programs etc. will send on behalf of their clients or employees. One in particular will send the info, but not for three to six months after the donation is made.

To those who have made a donation, and wish it to be anonymous, thank you!

To those who have made a donation and haven’t received acknowledgement – thank you, and please drop us a note so that we can properly show our appreciation!

We appreciate all of your gifts, and want to express our gratitude. Your generosity makes it possible to create and deliver Hope, Strength, Love and Joy to these special kiddos through the power of music!