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A dose of our own medicine.

When you’re working to create Hope, Strength, Love and Joy for someone, it’s the least expected things that can really throw you for a loop.

Last week the father of one of our Chase the Music kiddos passed on unexpectedly. It’s truly unfortunate that he didn’t get to hear his daughter’s piece. It was scheduled to premiere just a few weeks from now. A flute solo piece written to honor a very special and caring Navajo girl. She plays the native flute for her family.

I spent time with the family at their home in Northern New Mexico and got to know everyone. He was a kind and gentle father with a great love and pride for his daughter. He was really looking forward to attending her premiere. He knew it would be a time when others would celebrate her.

These situations are so difficult to process. It’s necessary to make logistical decisions and to rework the delivery of the premiere performance. This work pales when thinking about how to best support the family who is struggling and needs mental and financial support.

More than that, I lost a friend. We were both looking forward to him teaching me to make Navajo fry bread.

Part of the beauty of Chase the Music is the intimacy we have with the families. We get to know not only the child, but also those who love them. It’s so hard to lose family.

Self-care is important. I had to process this loss. I listened to a number of Chase the Music pieces to find solace. This helped me think about others, and remember that we offer Hope, Strength, Love and Joy not only to our recipients, but to anyone that listens.

Let me share one of the pieces that helped me through my grief. “Too Soon To Say Goodbye” was written and performed by Molly Taylor for two children that passed before they could hear their music.