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Children come to Chase the Music via nomination from friends, family, health-care workers, teachers, etc.  We work hard to match the musical inclinations of the child to the commissioned piece and its performance.  Whenever possible we look for natural connections.  Maybe it’s a performer in a group that knows of a child going through a difficult situation.  Maybe it’s a child’s love for a movie or an animated character.  Our first piece included french horn and flute solos because those are the instruments that the child’s parents play. The children are what this is all about.   The music is a gift to these courageous kids and their families. These children are going through really tough situations.  Chase the Music is attempting to make life a little better for them with a gift.  A gift of original music written just for them, performed for them, and recorded for them to enjoy forever. Lauren – Chase the Morning Sun Thomas – Cuttlefish Kati – Kati’s Run Chito – Many Trails Xander – Xander’s Meander