Chase the Music is interested in both organizational and program sponsors to meet our mutual missions. Together we will make beautiful music, and produce smiling children!
We offer a number of significant benefits to our sponsors:
  • Partner with Chase the MusicCo-marketing with a powerful message
    • Music healing children
  • Meaningful employee involvement programs
    • Are there musicians, composers, parents amongst your staff?
  • Association with a growing non-profit
    • Together we can do more
  • Sharing of Chase the Music music
    • Make music part of your business
  • Creative joint productions
    • Imagine a piece by or for one of your own
  • Long-term association with the music
    • The music and its message lasts forever
  • Assist in the healing of children through original music
    • Music with feeling. Music for healing.
For more information, contact us at 347-MUSIC72 or at