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Sweet Saddle Pals


A piece to be performed by Blue Praire (Nancy Thorwardson, Zeke and Janie Little) at Highlands Ranch for the campers of Respite Care of Fort Collins. This group of kids has a variety of conditions that normally would keep them from camp. Through the generous work of the camp, and the care facility – these kids have one on one care 7×24 at the camp for a week. For many – this is there first time away from home overnight. A key experience that most of us have had. This time, we’re adding a very special piece of music to the gift. Western performing group Blue Prairie will premiere “Sweet Saddle Pals” written just for these kids. It’s a western sing-along and will surely become a camp favorite.
Do to the nature of the event, the performance is not open to the public. We should have recordings available shortly after the performance.

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