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Chiara Garland

Chiara Garland



Chiara is a wonderful producer of still and moving images that make for meaningful stories. A student at CSU in Fort Collins, CO, she is generous with her time in not only shooting, but also producing content for us, helping us to share the experience that is Chase the Music. She brings other volunteer assistants into the production to supplement her work. She is an extensive traveler spending summers and holidays in Canada, Greece, Germany and Italy. We love having her help as she really catches the essence of Chase the Music events. Chiara Garland is studying for her Bachelor of Liberal Arts in Journalism and Media Communication at Colorado State University with a GPA of 3.91. She is interested in marketing, video and photojournalism, and radio. Her photographs bring out the person. Her videos tell the story. Her smiles bring happiness to those she is shooting. If you want to hire her, for your photo efforts – she comes highly recommended.  Contact us and we’ll put you in touch with her (clark@chasethemusic.org). Chase the Music into Spring 2017 – photos Chase the Music into Spring 2017 – video Chase the Music into Spring 2018 photos and videos are on their way! Thank you Chiara!

Hannah Toole

Hannah Toole first became aware of Chase the Music when she was producing the first ever TEDxCSU (Colorado State University).  She kept in touch, and is now working on corporate programs for Chase, and sees herself as part of its bright future, and of the great work that it performs. Hannah is working on organizational programs and loves to be part of the production team too.

Sherwood Stockwell

Sherwood approached Chase the Music and offered his services as a web developer. He feels strongly about the power of the Chase the Music mission and the ability of music to build a strong community supporting the children both directly and indirectly. In addition he has assisted with program production, and photography.

Junior Molina

A student at Colorado State University in the Music program, Junior Molina is an ambitious, creative loving man. He is working across the state in school music programs and is particularly interested in ensuring that underprivelged youth are given the opportunities in music that they deserve. He’s working to socialize the mission of Chase the Music.

Brooke Svitak

Brook came to Chase the Music via a web search, looking for projects with meaning.  She has taken on social media strategy, and is helping with providing guidance in how we approach different segments and personas via the social web.  When she first came to Chase the Music, she stated:  “I love the meaning behind Chase The Music– it’s absolutely brilliant and beautiful!”