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Bob Freeman

bob freeman

Bob Freeman


Bob Freeman, aerobatic pilot

Bob Freeman is an extreme aerobatic pilot with a heart of gold. He has moved up through the ranks of competition and as a previous member of the US Unlimited Aerobatic Team he has competed across the globe. When he heard of Chase the Music, he wanted to do something, but it had to be something close to his heart – flying.

Bob knew of a little boy – Colton. He knew right away, that he had to perform something really special for him.

Bob, says “As a cancer survivor, I think back to my own journey and the uncertainty and doubt about the long term outcome”. He says of Hope’s composition for Colton: “Boundary Layer makes me think of this boundless, unbounded path”.

You can see more about Bob at his website.

Here’s a little video teaser of Bob up in the air!

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