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Gharana Fusion

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Email: gharanamusic@yahoo.com
Website: https://gharanaworld.com

Name: Gharana Fusion
Tagline: India Old and New
No. of members: 4
Genre: Contemporary Folk
Leader: Susnata "Sus" Har
Description: Fusion Band from India A 'never-heard' creativity of ethno leads, chants, hypnotic rhythms and majestic instrumentals. Gharana’s researched work has a diversified taste laden with Khamak-Alghoza-Guitar combi, Bansuri-Cajon-Ghungroo parts, Ocarina-Dizi-Tabla, multi-rhythm patterns, unique fade-ins-outs, breathtaking Sawal-Jawabs, Jugalbandis, with expressive folk vocals, Alaaps, Bols and Sargams. Gharana warms up with soothing Bandanas & reaches its height with electrifying stage performances, thus keeps the audience in an ethereal charm of its smoothly crafted sound design.

Susnata Har
Native Indian instruments/Guitar/Vocals
Arnab Roy
bansuri, flute, ocarina
Pankaj Sharma
Argha Dey
tabla, cajon, khamak, kanjira, bols, vox
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