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Santa needs to visit!

Some of our very special friends can’t make it to see Santa. At this time of year – it’s so important that Santa gets to talk with all of the children, even those that can’t get out. 

Mission: For every child, no matter where they are and what diagnosis keeps them home, to truly enjoy some needed Christmas magic with a home visit from Santa.
Secret SleighStory: In 2015, Secret Sleigh was created by a Mother in Colorado who wanted to bring Santa to her home, after her daughter LIly had been facing fairly new complications, alongside her already acute diagnosis that began when Lily was a baby. “So here I was, that early December morning, picturing a new life after Lily had been diagnosed with a respiratory complication. Two new machines sat in Lily’s room and I was trying to figure out how on earth we were going to get out and do things with Lily, and as a family. I thought about a Santa visit and felt crushed. The air would be too cold for Lily in December, even to go somewhere indoors we would have to get her in and out of the car. The amount of machines Lily needed to have with her almost always required a wagon along with her wheelchair, just to carry them. It was overwhelming to consider seeing Santa. And then I had a vision of Santa walking into Lily’s room, and her lighting up at the sight of him.” “I posted the idea on Facebook, and shared how I would like to help other families receive a home visit as well. Within two hours, thanks to a remarkable friend, we had Santa. Two weeks after, Santa visited 16 children all over Northern Colorado, including Lily and her brothers, and took his entire day to do so. Not only that, Santa had Mrs. Claus with him, and a few elves to assist in navigating the sleigh. The following year, more than 5 Santa’s visited over 50 children in three different states, along with a photographer, music therapist, and helper elves.” We are thrilled at the growth of the project and our incredible team of volunteers. We are grateful that it has brought joy to so many children and families. This year we have a wonderful Secret Sleigh admin team to help in our planning! Please contact us if you are interested in assisting us with our mission. Interested Santa’s, families, volunteers, and supportive organizations or individuals alike can view our journey at www.facebook.com/projectsecretsleigh.
1-970-690-1372 secretsleigh@gmail.com

Chase the Music

      Chase the Music, a 501c3 non-profit helps children battling critical conditions, by having original music composed and performed for them.   To learn more about Chase the Music – click!      

Some details…

  All donations are tax deductible. The Chase the Music IRS EIN# is 45-5137624.  

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