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With your $500 investment you can sponsor a musician to attend the Upstream Songwriting Retreat. The musicians will then be writing and performing a Chase the Music piece for a child battling a critical condition. 

Chase the Music is partnering with UpStream productions – increasing the abilities of songwriters AND creating original works children in need. UpStream is hosting a 4 day inspirational songwriting retreat in Estes Park, Colorado this January. Thirty talented musicians will be attending to hone their skills. 

Chase the Music will be providing scholarships to a minimum of 3 musicians. These aren’t ordinary scholarships for things you’ve done in the past. They are actually commissions. Each artist receiving a scholarship is agreeing to write and perform an original piece for a child battling a critical condition. The more you give, the more musicians we can engage and the more children that will get a song, just for them.


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Your contribution will allow a musician to attend the Upstream Songwriting Retreat. In exchange for this scholarship, the musician agrees to write and perform a personal song for a child in need. Your name will be permanently attached to the song as being the impresario that brought it to life! A legacy for you and the child. (Please email clark@chasethemusic.org if you’d prefer to remain anonymous).

This is the first year of this collaboration. The retreat is January 26th to 29th. The originals will be written, coordinated and performed after that.